CMS Compliance for Healthcare Providers

We’re experts in helping you navigate through the emergency preparedness process

About Your Crisis Team

Your Crisis Team is a firm of Emergency Management and Preparedness Specialists with a shared passion for preparedness.
We know how bad it can get – so you don’t have to. 

We demystify the planning, training, exercise cycles, and provide a streamlined process to facilitate compliance across a broad scope of regulatory bodies, including the new CMS emergency preparedness conditions of participation.

Our Services


Healthcare Compliance Services

Experts in navigating complex compliance rules & regulations for the healthcare industry.


Planning, Training & Exercises

We provide easy-to-use solutions to comply with FEMA’s Whole Community Initiative.

Bring your TOYS, we’ll handle the paperwork!

What does a project engagement with Your Crisis Team look like?

Our proven process and methodologies ensure a smooth and productive project.


Just like any incident, it’s important to first determine the initial facts and objectives. What’s the current situation with your emergency plans, training, and/or exercises? What are your mission objectives?

We will ask you the hard questions that help you draw a clear picture of where you are or need to be, and what obstacles exist between here and there.


We will work with you to develop a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your objective. We will define operational periods – often two-week or monthly periods – which each contain clear steps to be taken. We will update you each period with an Incident Action Plan that reflects what has happened so far, and what is expected of each of us in the coming period. (If this sounds a lot like the NIMS you’re used to, that’s a good thing!)


We will work with your staff and/or independently, as dictated by the Action Plan, to achieve the tangible deliverables promised – plans, training guides, exercise elements – that reflect your organization’s culture and our professionalism.

You will have the opportunity to review and revise each, so the final version exceeds your expectations.


No significant project is complete until you and we have had the chance to weigh in on how well we did, and how this project has improved your preparedness.

We thrive on feedback. We can’t get better unless we get honest feedback from you.

Client Testimonials

Rick is a true team player and leader. His instructional style creates an enthusiastic learning environment. I was able to easily learn and retain information I was taught in his classes. Rick’s most admirable talent is his ability to quickly get different individuals and agencies to happily work together during an emergency situation. His excellent listening skills and humor is an invaluable asset. I am always thrilled to see him as part of a management team when I show up at a search. He is able to assess each individual’s strengths and talents, allowing each person to apply their own skills and thrive as part of a team.

Jennifer Pennington

Professional Trainer at Lead With Fun

There have been many instructors over the course of my career that I truly feel have made an impact on me both professionally and personally. Rachel is such an instructor.

Rachel’s compassion for what she does is truly motivating. Rachel’s actions show that she is dedicated to those of us in Public Safety as well as the volunteers whom, day in and day out, offer their services to their communities so that the ones we seek may be found.


Lance Callis

Special Operations Supervisor for Suffolk Police Department

Healthcare Providers

We understand you are concerned with accreditation and regulatory compliance. Let us help you take the first step towards achieving compliance.

Public Safety Professionals

We help public safety professionals stay in-the-know and keep up with the latest state and federal demands.

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