Elopement Prevention and Response Workshop Comes to Eastern Virginia


“We found several things that we can build upon to enhance our own elopement policy and procedure to have it run more smoothly in the event it is needed to be activated.”

Instructor Rick Christ outlines suggestions for students to work on once they return to their facilities after the course. CPR held individual follow-up sessions with each facility that attended.

Wonderful feedback to receive get after, and we enjoyed leading this a recent two-day workshop for long-term care and intermediate care facilities on elopement prevention and response.
Thanks to the sponsorship of the Eastern Virginia Healthcare Coalition, there were 21 administrators, security personnel, and nursing staff from 10 different facilities attended, in attendance. thanks to the sponsorship of the Eastern Virginia Healthcare Coalition.
We helped the students assess their risk of elopement, which is higher than they realized for most facilities. One of the risks we shared is the potential financial risk. According to the insurance giant CAN, the average payout for a claim against a facility resulting from an elopement is just over $325,000 – the highest average of any claim!
healthcare compliance training for healthcare coalitions - your crisis team

Students assumed the roles of command staff and searchers in the course exercises. Here, the Incident Commander discusses intelligence gathered and leads planning for future search assignments.

We were pleased that 77% of students “strongly agreed” that the “content was organized effectively” and the other 23% “agreed.” Of course, we continuously reacted to the students’ needs, and adjusted what we presented based on their input. It’s helpful that we are able to pull material from so many sources on elopement prevention and response, including:
Please take our elopement prevention and response survey so that we can continue to gather useful information on this important issue, and how it is being addressed in facilities.
healthcare compliance planning and training - your crisis team

Students and instructor share learning points after each exercise.

Do you need some help developing, or altering your elopement prevention and response? Please avail yourselves of the elopement prevention resources on our special page, and ask your regional healthcare coalition or state association to sponsor us coming to your area.
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