Stronger Together: 5 Ways to Honor and Support the EMS Community

Very few things in this life are certain, but one thing most Americans are confident of is that when they call 9-1-1, someone will answer. Those 9-1-1 operators are an important piece of the puzzle, and they do a fantastic job of prioritizing and directing response. Next week, however, we celebrate another critical part of the puzzle, those who do the responding.
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers are a group of people without whom there would be no response. They treat, comfort, rescue, and support our community through every disaster possible. They leave their families in the middle of the night to come to your house. They drive through snow, rain, and around flooding streets to assist you. They are the very definition of selfless service.
During the week of May 20 through 26th, we set aside the time to honor them, and increase awareness about what it means to be EMS Strong. Each day has a theme, and plenty of opportunities to encourage, support, and learn about the EMS community.

Monday – Education Day

EMS providers can use this day (and the week!) to help educate the public about injury and illness prevention. It’s also a great day to talk to those who may be interested in a career in EMS, and highlight opportunities for continuing education for current providers.

Tuesday – Safety Day

Safety Day is to encourage EMS responders to focus on the prevention and mitigating risk instead of the adverse outcomes that are possible in this career field. Safety measures both within the profession and the community can significantly reduce the number of EMS calls each year.

Wednesday – EMS for Children Day

Kids are the future, and on Wednesday, responders will focus on providing care for children throughout their response. Children require a different physiological and psychological treatment plan, and there are so many ways in which pre-hospital care for children can be improved.

Thursday – Save-a-Life Day

Most often, the first responder on the scene is not a trained EMS provider. The general public can help save lives, and they can take that one step further by enrolling in CPR and basic First Aid courses.

Friday – EMS Recognition Day

Friday, May 25th is a great day to say thank you to your local EMS providers. Cards, cookies, and words of gratitude are always welcome, consider stopping by your local station and dropping some off.
EMS providers are the backbone of our communities. You see them at high school football games, at the local parade, and in some of the worst moments of your lives. They grieve with you, hurt for you, and rejoice with you. Show them some extra appreciation next week.
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